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Professor Sahar Al-Malaika

prof. Sara Al-MalaikaSahar Al-Malaika is a Professor of polymer science at Aston University, Birmingham, England. She leads the Aston Polymer Processing and Performance Research Group and has served for five years as Head of the Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Department at Aston. Sahar is a Chartered Chemist, a Fellow of the UK-Royal Society of Chemistry and a Fellow of the UK-Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, and has recently been named as a recipient of Aston's 50th Anniversary Professors' Gold medal. Currently, she is the President of the European MoDeST Society and the Chairperson of the Polymer Degradation Discussion Group affiliated to the Royal Society of Chemistry, and is a member of the Editorial Board of two International Peer Reviewed Journals.

Sahar has over 35 years' experience in teaching and research in the fields of organic and polymer chemistry. Her expertise is in the fields of antioxidant chemistry, polymer oxidation and stabilisation, functional additives, bio-based and non-migratory antioxidants and nanofillers, weathering and ageing of polymers, reactive processing of polymers, blends and nanocomposites. She has over 200 publications in international refereed journals, book chapters, Encyclopaedia and conference proceedings, an editor of three books and has a number of patents in the field. She is a member of the International Advisory Boards for a number of International Conferences and has lectured widely at meetings across Europe, USA and the Far East.